Trek 4 TEF; Bend, Oregon

The Elisha Foundation is an organization with a heart to serve the disabled and their families both in their local community and worldwide. The Reimer family started The Elisha Foundation after their son was born with Down’s Syndrome. Out of this experience, they have developed a passion to love and serve the people in the disabled community and have devoted a significant amount of their lives to this cause.

The Elisha Foundation (TEF) is in the midst of an epic journey, one in which they are seeking to gather together a group of people to trek to the base camp of Mt. Everest. Their vision is to see this trek change lives, increase the voice of the disabled community worldwide and raise funds to support the relief and educational efforts of The Elisha Foundation pursues.

Below is the story of how two men who hadn’t been in contact in years gathered around this effort and dreamed with the Lord to see his plan come forth. We are excited and thankful to have spend a few days with them, getting to know their spirits and being encouraged and the great scope of their pursuit with God. Our prayer is that you are also encouraged by their story and their willingness to go forth into God’s plan.

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