The Way-Cabo Church; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I have spent the past hour waiting to press my fingers to the keys, waiting to write this until the words felt strong enough, good enough or powerful enough for the people in this video and the God they are going after so fiercely. I believe that we are never able to truly distance ourselves from the things in this life that deeply affect us, the experiences that move us into a greater understanding of who god is, nor the moments that shift our spirits. They are forever with us and in my opinion, forever changing us, calling us to give higher praise. In the Psalms, David calls these moments pauses, he calls them selah; stop, listen, measure the fullness of what you have just witnessed occur.

This was much a moment for me.

In the back room of a corner street church in Cabo, there is a small outcropping of believers praying for God to take their city and to make it come alive with this Spirit. They are passionate and zealous to claim this land for Jesus and to overcome the darkness of the streets with salvation, redemption and praise. Being with them, you can imagine nothing less than what their hearts yearn for, restoration. They petition him for more, their praise is lifted relentlessly to a God they see and speak with.

I love that there are only ten of us here, that we each are strikingly different. One girl is 19, another woman is maybe 50. Some are Mexican, two or three American, and one guy just met God three weeks ago. They are gathered here because they believe that Christ' love compels us to do something, to go out into a city to minister and not to just love the lost, but to seek the lost as well. Saturday night means that they will walk the streets of Cabo, out into the darkness to minister. Although there is so much beauty in Cabo, there are also so many strongholds. But God is stronger and God will come.

The Way is going after the forgotten, the homeless and those in need. They are seeking out the afflicted, praying for healings and transforming their community.

This video was filmed in a few hours, with one camera and one lens.

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