Run To Rescue; Atlanta, Georgia

She Is Safe works in places where girls live at high risk for suffering from issues like slavery, poverty, genocide, and prostitution. They partner with indigenous Christians to prevent, rescue, and restore women and girls from suffering abuse and exploitation. Then they equip them with skills and tools as they work to build new lives of freedom and faith, with a strong future.

Run To Rescue is a new program that SIS has developed to mobilize runners who are looking for a way to get involved with their efforts around the world. They believe that God has gifted us with passions, skills and interests that all have kingdom potential. They believe that the way God has made us was so intentional that every little thing we do and every little thing we are is God opening us up to give and receive from him. In this, we can use all of who we are, exactly where we are at to do ministry.

Run To Rescue uses the passion and gifting of runners to raise awareness and funding to help prevent, rescue, and restore more women from suffering. More than just a one time run and organized event, their vision is to partner with runners for a lifetime. Get to know them a bit more in the video below:

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