Mosaic Fellowship; Tucker, Georgia

Our God is the God of peace, unity, and reconciliation. He is constantly drawing people together and also to Himself. It seems that heart and vision of Mosaic Fellowship is just this.

In the Clarkston/Tucker community, on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, there is a new church who is sowing seeds among the refugees that have been brought there. The vision of their church is simple. They have the desire to see a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural church with the heart to raise up the people, teach them about Jesus, and send them back to their home countries as missionaries and church planters among their own people. How much more effective is a missionary who already knows the culture and language?

The heart is this: to not only reconcile a people to their homeland, where they suffered some form of persecution, but also to reconcile the people of their homeland to God.

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