CLIPAE; Shell, Ecuador

There is a movement going on through the jungle region of Ecuador. Based in the city of Shell or Shell Mera, (the city that Jim Elliot and fellow missionaries were based in before flying out to different tribal regions of the Ecuadorian Amazon) CLIPAE is part of what is known as the third wave of missions into the jungle.

The first wave occurred in the 1950′s and 60′s bringing foreign missionaries into the region to plant churches and translate the Bible into the Indigenous languages. The Second wave consisted of Mestizo or Latinos doing similar work in the jungle region. During the 1980′s and 90′s after missionaries left, the regions churches dwindled and went into disrepair. Some local Indigenous people felt the call of God for their own people and have since then picked up the work.

CLIPAE stands for the Council of Indigenous Leaders of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. They are not only a council but also a support to the pastors and tribal churches in the region. The work is not easy and some of the villages are extremely remote, at times taking up to 8 or more days to walk to. Flights are can be hard to come by or too expensive, especially for an Indigenous missionary.

Because of the nature of the mission, the work that CLIPAE is doing to unify, uplift, and support the Indigenous churches is essential for the health and well-being of the churches in the region. Take a look at the way CLIPAE is raising up Indigenous people to serve the Indigenous Church.

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