Ana’s Story – SF City Impact

I’m not sure if you have ever heard of the Tenderloin; it’s a infamous district in San Francisco, notorious for drugs, crime, homelessness, prostitution, and truthfully, so much more. It’s controlled chaos. That’s so it doesn’t spill into the rest of the city, including many tourist attractions, like Union Square which is only a couple …

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She is Safe- Hope Shines, Int’l Day of the Girl

The United Nations has declared October 11 “International Day of the Girl”.  We have partnered up with She Is Safe (SIS) in their month-long campaign culminating on October 11 in order to shine hope for abused and exploited girls throughout the world. For more information on how you can join with SIS in their campaign, …

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Haven ATL – Atlanta Restitution Ministry

Haven ATL is a collaborative effort of one community coming together to work within their city, within their neighborhood with those who have been victims of prostitution and trafficking on the streets of Atlanta. Haven ATL reaches out to women and men who have no where else to turn. Whether it is night outreaches to …

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COMIBAM – The Ibero-American Missionary Cooperation

It was in 1987, in Sao Paulo, Brazil that COMIBAM has its origin. The idea was simple: Latin Americans can be an effective missionary sending force.   Over the past 25 years, this network has been at the heart uniting the different movements in 24 countries in order to complete the Great Commission that Jesus …

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G.O.D. by sSRom ( a rap video from Granada, Spain )

On the trip we took to Spain last year, we spent some time with a new friend, Jesus ( and not the one from the Bible). This Jesus was from Colombia, he and his family are missionaries. He and his family are missionaries in Granada, Spain. I (Tyler) was there with Matt from Several Guys …

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She is Safe- India

The connection we have with She IS Safe (SIS) seems to becoming deeper and deeper. At the end of 2011, we were able to spend some time with them in Georgia, putting together a video for their Run To Rescue program. You see, SIS has a huge heart. One that was not just born out …

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The Elisha Foundation; Bend, Oregon

It’s hard to say that The Elisha Foundation is based out of Oregon because truly their heart is for the disabled throughout the world. You may have seen a little while back the video we posted about The Elisha Foundation (TEF) doing a trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp in order to raise awareness for …

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Trek 4 TEF; Bend, Oregon

The Elisha Foundation is an organization with a heart to serve the disabled and their families both in their local community and worldwide. The Reimer family started The Elisha Foundation after their son was born with Down’s Syndrome. Out of this experience, they have developed a passion to love and serve the people in the …

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CLIPAE; Shell, Ecuador

There is a movement going on through the jungle region of Ecuador. Based in the city of Shell or Shell Mera, (the city that Jim Elliot and fellow missionaries were based in before flying out to different tribal regions of the Ecuadorian Amazon) CLIPAE is part of what is known as the third wave of …

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La Fuente; Quito, Ecuador

Meaning The Source, the church called La Fuente in Quito, Ecuador is a church plant that was put in the heart of 4 people, 2 Ecuadorians and 2 Americans. Seeing the disconnect between what the church is (and is supposed to be) and what society and culture in Ecuador is; La Fuente is lifting up …

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